4 musicians posing

Lisa & the Missing Pieces is an Americana rock band that hails from Utah, Chicago, New York, California, and Scotland (via Bahrain)!

With decades of experience in rock, bluegrass, folk, blues, and jazz,  we write our tunes with this embedded musical flexibility.  

We believe music joyfully connects people and that is our mission to make those connections with our audience, between our audience members and with each other.  

Connect with us!  We'd love to share music with you!

Many thanks to Emilee Atkinson from City Weekly for speaking with us and writing this lovely piece about our band.

"One of the best parts of listening to Lisa and the Missing Pieces is hearing the versatility and flexibility in their playing style..."

"The joy and happiness the band feels while working on music together comes through not only in their live performances, but in their recordings as well."